The Bluerock Way

Bluerock Value Exchange employs an investment strategy that includes three primary selection criteria: property type, market, and partner. We believe investing in high quality multifamily assets in growth markets across the nation will meet investment objectives of capital preservation, income, and growth. We don’t simply accumulate assets, we enhance them through the power of a robust operating partnership network. Read more about our process below.

While there are lots of choices, we believe we have identified a viable option that can meet investor objectives of consistent annual cash flow, preservation of capital, inflation protection, tax advantages, and capital appreciation.

1031 Exchange investors can meet their exchange requirements in a variety of property types all across the U.S.

An estimated 4.6 million new apartment units will be needed by 2030. Current supply trends will fall well short of this.

Projected U.S. Apartment Supply and Demand through 2030

Source: National Multifamily Housing Council, A Forward Look, May 2017